Please contact me by phone (734) 447 3301 or email ( or via my contact page. I‘ll get back to you promptly to find out more about your concerns and answer your initial questions confidentially.

Psychological testing/evaluations:  I specialize in personalized, comprehensive evaluations for ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual or cognitive issues, dementia screening, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

The evaluation begins with a face to face appointment to discuss your symptoms or concerns. I will then ask you to come back to complete a variety of tests. This requires several appointments.

Insurance may cover a portion of testing. I currently bill insurance directly as a courtesy to you but this service will be phased out toward the end of 2019 due to ongoing difficulties with insurance companies. You can read more here or contact me for further information.

Psychotherapy: Please note that I am not currently accepting new therapy / counseling clients. However, I would be happy to refer you to recommended colleagues.

After we have set up our initial session, please proceed to my forms page.