Fees & Insurance

In January 2019, insurance companies dramatically reduced their reimbursement rates for private practitioners (like me) who do psychological testing. Put another way, I would need to work from January to August without pay if I were to remain in-network with insurance companies. Because this is not sustainable and I want to continue to serve the community, I only accept private and out of network patients. I am very unhappy about these changes but I have no choice if I am to remain in practice.

​Depending on your policy, you may be able to get reimbursed for a percentage of what you pay me. You will need to submit paperwork to your insurance company demonstrating that you had the visits and that you have already paid for your visit. For your convenience, I will provide you with an itemized receipt and the health insurance claim form that you will need to submit for reimbursement.

​Note that the money you spend for out-of-network psychological testing may count towards your insurance deductible.

It is important that you ask your insurance company if you can claim for psychological testing provided by an out-of-network clinician. I can give you an estimate of the cost of testing over the phone but for a more accurate estimate, I would need to meet with you in person to go over your medical and family history.

Because extensive time is required to do comprehensive evaluations I request a deposit of $500 before we proceed.

I offer a gentle, compassionate, and personalized assessment, which includes:

  • An initial consultation of two hours to better gather background information
  • 8-10 hours of face to face testing time
  • comprehensive intelligence (IQ) testing
  • memory testing
  • continuous performance tests
  • assessment of academic achievement
  • behavior/emotional/social assessment as needed
  • personality testing or specific neuropsychological tests (e.g. processing speed,
  • visual-motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, auditory processing skills, phonological processing skills).
  • reviewing prior reports, interpreting, scoring the tests and analyzing data
  • researching and making recommendations
  • report writing
  • a review appointment to go over the results
  • a complete written report with recommendations

Apart from the inadequate reimbursement rates from insurance for psychological testing, here are some other reasons I no longer bill insurance companies directly:

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. Past experience has taught me that insurance companies are fickle. They may approve coverage of psychological testing in advance, only to change their minds and deny coverage later without explanation. This occurs even if you have been covered in the past.

Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis (e.g. Depression, OCD, ADHD) before reimbursing. Many people seeking a psychological assessment do not have a mental illness and simply want information for personal growth and to help with decision making. Insurance companies will not reimburse any mental health appointment unless a diagnosis is provided. I do not operate this way. A mental health diagnosis goes into your health record for the rest of your life.

Health insurance companies always have access to your healthcare records. Your information may be shared with databases that are accessed by other organizations. For example, if a court for any reason orders to see your treatment history, the insurance company will be required to share that information. Of if you apply for a job, your future employer may ask you to sign a waiver authorizing the release of your health information in order to be considered eligible for the position.

Health insurance companies have access to all your personal information.  An average of 14 people views each claim while it is being processed. I am not comfortable having strangers accessing sensitive client information.

Your health records may be audited at any time without warning by your insurance company. They may decide to deny claims for seemingly trivial reasons. You would then be required to repay the insurance company for previous sessions which you initially thought would be covered by insurance.

Cancellations/ Missed Appointments: Your time is valuable, and I hope that you understand that my time is too. I set aside time for your appointment and if you cancel at short notice or fail to show up at all, I lose valuable time from my schedule and can’t see other patients who need help. For this reason, I charge $120 for short-notice cancellations or no-shows unless we both agree that the situation was beyond your control (illness, inclement weather, etc.) Please note that health insurance policies do not pay for missed or canceled appointments. For new clients, I may invoice you to secure your initial appointment.

*A Michigan limited license permits me to practice under the supervision of a fully licensed psychologist.  I consult regularly with my supervisor, John Varani, Ph.D., LP (Michigan license number 6301004055) and Carrie Hatcher-Kay, Ph.D. of Partners in Healing (Michigan license number 6301011682).